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How to Automate your Prospecting and Maximize your Enrollment

Cari Higham

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In a world where time is a valuable asset, tools like LeadMagicX are revolutionizing the way network marketers function.

By eliminating repetitive tasks, it allows professionals to focus on what truly matters – building relationships, training teams, and expanding networks.

Here’s how you can truly automate your prospecting and maximize your enrollment.


Old Ways, New Challenges

Like many, we initially built our network marketing businesses using traditional methods.

When we transitioned to online platforms, we found ourselves overwhelmed with messaging.

If you've tried reaching out to 10, 15, or even 20 people daily, you'll understand the dilemma.

It's easy to lose track when your list starts to grow.

Mistakes happen – like accidentally sending a template message meant for Anna to Sarah.

Or even worse, completely overlooking someone genuinely interested in joining your network.

It's frustrating, especially when you realize months later that you missed a golden opportunity to engage or follow up with a potential lead.


This is where Benjamin Pang, in collaboration with Brandy – one of our Beach Bosses, developed an innovative solution.

Brandy expressed the same challenges many of us face: managing prospecting, keeping up with conversations, and remembering follow-ups.

Their mission was simple, “let’s build something that will keep track of all these people and message them for us.”

And this is exactly what LeadMagicX can do!

Why LeadMagicX is a Game-Changer

When prospecting online, the sheer number of people to keep track of becomes a hindrance.

The traditional methods, like manually noting down contacts, soon become obsolete as your list expands.

LeadMagicX is a browser plugin that integrates seamlessly into your regular workflow.

Its power lies in its simplicity:

  1. Easy Import: A ‘one-click' feature allows users to import all their Facebook contacts into LeadMagicX.
  2. Organization via Funnels: You can categorize your contacts into ‘funnels’, or groups, such as “Weight Loss Enthusiasts.” This way, you have a clear vision of your target audience.
  3. Progressive Staging: Within each funnel, you can move contacts through various stages, like “New Lead” to “Product Sold.”
  4. Automated Messaging: Rather than sending identical messages (which could get flagged by platforms like Facebook), LeadMagicX lets you create multiple templates. It then selects at random, adding a human touch to your communication. Plus, to mimic real human activity, there's a deliberate gap between each message sent.

The primary purpose of LeadMagicX is to free up the time you’d usually spend on repetitive tasks.

Instead, you can redirect your focus to higher value tasks, like team training or strategic planning.

Want To Accelerate Your Business?

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Video Transcript

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Today we have a special guest. I have a special guest here with me, Mr. Benjamin Pang, who has something pretty incredible that he’s going to show us. But in case we’re meeting for the first time, wherever, maybe you’re watching this on video, maybe you’re listening to it on the actual podcast audio. If we’re meeting for the first time, we’re Beach Boss Influencers and we help network marketers make more money and less time leveraging automation and social media. And today we’re going to be diving into how to automate your prospecting and maximize your enrollments. So a little bit about me and kind of I guess to get this going. So I used to grow my business, old school, move my business from an old school platform to online. And when I was building online, I was sending a lot of messages every single day. And one of the biggest things that was happening for me, and I don’t know if you can relate to this, was that people were falling through the cracks, right?

When you’re sending 5, 10, 15, 20 messages a day, it doesn’t take very many days before all of a sudden you have hundreds and hundreds of people that you’re trying to keep track of. And it was more than one time where I either sent the wrong name to someone because it was like a copy and paste message that I was trying to do to save time. I was like, Hey, Anna. And then Anna message went to Sarah and all of a sudden it was like, oh my gosh. They just realized I copied and pasted that. Or even worse, I would be messaging with someone and someone might’ve even been interested or I sent them information to check out because they wanted to join me. I would completely forget about them. And as I would go through my social media months to a year later, maybe it’s on their birthday, I would see that I completely forgot to follow up with that person or respond to a question that they had.

And at that point, it’s too late. So this is where we insert Ben. So Ben was working very closely with Brandy, who is another one of the beach bosses here. We call Ben one of our beach muscles because he really is what keeps Beach Boss going and the heart functioning, that’s what he does. And Brandy had been working close with Ben and Brandy was having a lot of the same issues that I was when it came to prospecting and keeping track of people. And she was like, Ben, I need you to build me something that will keep track of all these people and message them For me, that was the biggest thing, was way too much. Time was going in way too much energy was being sucked, talking to hundreds of people, she’s like, build me something that can fix it. And that’s how Lead Magics was born. So with that, I’m going to turn it over to Ben and Ben. Do you kind of want to go over some of these features that you can actually automate with Lead Magics and how it’s going to make their lives so much easier?

Yeah, absolutely. So as Carrie mentioned, I think we all went through the phase where we are prospecting online. We are messaging a lot of people, hundreds of them every single day, trying to find that right person that is interested in our product or opportunity. When we start doing hundreds a day, we start to lose track of them. We start to come across this person, oh, the first name looks familiar, but then you forgot about what the conversation is about. And also since we’re doing a lot of them, we are in front of our computer a lot, and that’s not really productive sometimes because we want to focus on maybe training our team members on other activities that are more higher value. So that’s why we created Lead Magics to automate some of the stuff that we are doing when we are prospecting. So I’m going to share my screen, and if you’re listening on a podcast, then you can find the recording in the notes so that you can watch the video as well.

Okay, so on the screen you’ll see Lead Magics. It’s basically a browser plugin, so similar to any other extensions that you install to your browser, it’s just another extension. Now the beauty of this is that once you install it, you can actually import all your contacts from Facebook, all your friends from Facebook. So I have thousands of friends on the screen here. I have actually 10,000 friends here. So I’m not going to add one each contact into Lead Metrics one by one. And think about how you are tracking everyone before. So when you are talking to someone, maybe you are using some kind of notebook, maybe Google Sheet to track, okay, this person is maybe interested in my product, so tomorrow I’m going to follow up with that person on the product. And then you have the second person. But imagine you start doing this for thousands of people because you’re going to accumulate a list of people, like 100 people today and then 100 more tomorrow.

And then a month from now you’re going to have a lot of people to keep track and you’re going to run out of paper if you’re using a notebook or you’re going to have a hard time to keep track of stuff in your, let’s say Google Sheet or Excel sheet. So with Lead Magics, once you import everyone, actually with the import, it’s just a click of button. So on the top right hand corner we have this import Facebook Friends button. Once you click on it, it’s going to ask you where you want to import your friends. And then once you hit save, basically it will open up a browser and then it’s going to read all your friends from Facebook and then add to Lead Magics. So you just have to wait for the process to finish. And then you’ll have all your friends in Lead Magic.

And then you have how many friends you have. Let’s say you have 5,000, 5,000 people is going to show up in the magics. So super simple to get started. And after that, how do you want to actually organize them? Because not all your friends are interested in your product or opportunity or maybe they just interested in the product and not the opportunity. So how can you separate them? Now you can go to the Funnels tab, which you can create all these funnels, we call them funnels. It’s really a way for you to organize people into different groups. So let’s say they are, I’m promoting a weight loss product. So these people should be weight loss conscious and then they want to learn more about it. I can create a funnel called Weight Loss Group and then I can add everyone to it. So in a funnel, there are different stages.

Imagine you have a group of people that are interested in your product, but then they’re in different stages, awareness level. So some of them might be just a new contact, they just get to know you two days ago, you added them in a group and then you can add them to a new lead stage. So we can have multiple stages in a funnel. So the first stage usually is just a new lead. And then the second stage will be on the screen we have added to group. So let’s say you come across someone and then you are running a weight loss group. You want to add that person to group so you can move that person into the next stage. So basically you’re moving these people from one stage to the other. So if you have been using a trailer board or anything similar, basically it’s a progression.

So you want to move your context from the left to right. So what is the end goal for your prospecting? Maybe it’s to sell them a product. So if you go to the right hand side, maybe it’s product sold. So at the end of the funnel, the last stage in this funnel will be product sold. And then you can create any number of stages in between, depends on how you run your business, but usually they start with as a new lead and then they end in the product sold stage. So in this case, what you can do is once you have a list of people under new lead, so let’s say you have a hundred people, you just get to know them today and then you want to send them a message. So normally what would you do? So you would either open up your phone and try to copy and paste the same message, or you’re typing it out or you were on a computer and you’re doing the same thing, but then you’re spending maybe hours of time because you are keeping track of who they are, you’re putting it into your spreadsheet and then you’re going to messenger and typing the message out, it’s going to take you hours.

So with Lead Magics, you can actually select, I’m going to pick, I’m going to go into the same group. You can actually select everyone in the same stage and send them a message, an automated message. So what lead metrics will do for you is it will basically go through the list and then send a slightly different message. Depends on your message template. So we never want us to copy and paste messages. We want to tailor it a little bit and have some variation to it. Fun and keep it like human. Because if you keep sending the same message in Messenger, Facebook is going to realize and they’re going to block you. What you want to do is give some variation, which is what the message template here is allowing you to do. You can specify 50 templates so that when you send to a hundred people, it is going to randomly pick a template from the 50 templates and then it will never be the same.

And also there is going to be a time gap in this automated message. So of course, if you want to send to a hundred people, we’re not going to send out the message to a hundred people at the same time because that’s not humanly possible. Because what Lean Message is doing is basically helping you to save time, but not really to act like a robot, right? So imagine a human, you’re going to go in there, type out the message and send it, and then after a minute or so, then you’re going to send the second one because you need time between each person. So that’s where the time gap comes in. So to mimic, you are typing in the message, you’re waiting a little bit, and then Facebook also doesn’t want you to send message too frequently. So it’s important to have a time gap.

So pick, you can choose to be a minute, each message is going to be a minute apart, and then that’s going to mimic how you normally would send message out. Okay? So once you hit the start button, right, it’s just going to basically sit back and then leaded is going to go through the a hundred contacts that you selected, and then one by one it’s going to send the message out. So if each message takes a minute to send, because there’s a time gap, so you’re going to come back after an hour and what 40 minutes and then all the messages are sent for you. So within this time you can go take care of your family, you can go wash dishes, stuff that actually require you to be there instead of copy and pasting. You can call your teammates to train them whatever you want to do.

So you can focus your time on high value tasks and then leave the stuff that you do over and over again to lead metrics and let it automate for you so that it can save you time in your prospecting. So that’s how we started the tool because a lot of people, we actually build it for ourselves. And a lot of people come to us and say, can I get that from you? Right? Our team, we offer it to our team, and then now we are offering it to any network marketers. They’re looking to automate prospecting and maximize your time, do more with the same time. So that’s a quick walkthrough of Leap Magics.

Yes, I love it. And Brandi and I always used to joke, we used to say, I wish that I could clone myself. How many people out there network marketers, especially moms, we say it all the time, we’re like, I wish that there was two of me, because there’s so much that needs to get done. This is literally a way for you to clone yourself in Messenger and have these messages go while you’re focusing on other areas of your business and other areas of your life. So with that, if you want to get your hands on Lead Magics, you can go over to lead There’s a free trial from the free trial. You can upgrade depending on whatever package you want. And then there’s also, what is that one, Ben?

So we offering a limited time bonus as well. So if you guys are signing up for the free trial, we are going to give you a call with our Rank Up specialists on how to use our strategies to build your team faster. So I guess because the tool is just a tool, but what is the strategy behind? How can you effectively add people, group people together, and then send out messages, engage with ’em like a human, even though you’re using Lead Metrics, how you can create the relationship and then recruit them into your team or actually sell them products. So we are providing you with this bonus call so that you can get on with them to talk about it.

Perfect. I love it. So head on over to lead and sign up for the free trial. And then don’t forget to schedule that bonus session as well. And we’ll see you all in the next episode.
Alright, bye guys.


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