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How To Automate Your Prospecting

Brandy Shaver

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Prospecting is painful for a lot of people that are doing it.

Social media is a great tool to build your business and build a massive income using.

But sometimes it can be hard to remember what you said yesterday because you talked to so many people.

We have even sent a copy and paste message and put the wrong name because we were trying to get so many people done.

We knew there had to be an easier way of prospecting online, a system that could help automate it all and give us more time to focus on other aspects of our businesses.

And that’s how LeadMagicX came about!

So, we’re going to show you how those features work and how it can help save you time.


Importing Facebook Friends into LeadMagicX

(Watch the YouTube video from 3:42)

With LeadMagicX, you can import all your friends from Facebook.

On the right of the screen, there is an import Facebook friends button.

Inside LeadMagicX there is a concept called funnel and stage. This is very similar to a Facebook Friends List.

You’re separating people into different lists so that you can keep track of them.

Once you have clicked the button, you shall see the funnel and stage drop down menus. You could create a friends funnel to place everyone into and add them all into the same stage.

The next thing you're going to do is put them into an appropriate funnel and stage.

Using Funnels and Stages

(Watch the YouTube video from 5:43)

So, let's say you're promoting a product and you want to initiate a conversation with the people that you think qualify.

You can select multiple people in a stage. For example, if you have 2000 people in your friend’s funnel, you're not going to message them all with the same message.

Instead, you’re going to go through them and see which ones qualify.

Once you have this done, you can schedule a message being sent out to them and select multiple templates.

Please bear in mind that you do not want to spam! LeadMagicX allows you to build relationships but faster.

The multiple templates ensure that you don’t send the same message over and over again.

For example, if you have 10 templates, all those messages are saying the same thing, but just worded differently.

You can also add the recipients first name in these messages. When creating a template, you want to use the add sign and then you can pick first name from the drop-down menu.

And with the message being personalized, it makes it so much more effective when you're using it.

Once you have the templates selected, there is a time gap. This is important because imagine if you were sending those messages out manually, it wouldn’t make sense for you to send those messages every other second.

So, when you send out all these automated messages, LeadMagicX will wait a minute before sending the next one. And it's not exactly a minute, it's randomized so it is mimicking human behavior.

These funnels and stages can help you build a process for your business, which is so important if you have a downline and need a process for duplication!

Using Groups to Add Prospects into your Funnel

(Watch the YouTube video from 10:40)

Pick a group that focuses on the main aspect of your business. For example, if you work in health and wellness, you can find a group that also focuses on this.

You then want to get to know people in there and build those relationships.

There is a feature that allows you to add everyone in a group into LeadMagicX so that you can organize them into a funnel and then send them messages automatically.

If you’re doing an event in your group, you can quickly type up a couple different messages and send that out to thousands of people within a few short hours before the event is happening.

And then once the event starts, you just go in and click the expire button and it stops sending, so nobody is getting those messages after the event has already started.

On your group, there will be a LeadMagicX icon showing up on the right-hand side of the group name.

Once you click on it, you can select ‘add members to funnel’ and it will pop up another window. It will scan through the entire group, add everyone from the group into LeadMagicX, and from there you can automate your prospecting.

Speeding Up the Duplication System

(Watch the YouTube video from 12:57)

LeadMagicX is all about simplifying the workflow and automating the prospecting effort.

Message templates can really help you speed this process up when you have team members who want to get involved.

We created an affiliate program so if you bring in anyone to use LeadMagicX, you'll be paid 20% whenever the person you referred has made a payment.

When on LeadMagicX, you can create something called campaigns. A campaign includes everything that is in your account, meaning it will include all the message templates that you have set up and all the funnel structure.

So, let's say you want your team to focus on products, then you create a funnel that's called products.

And then you have different stages. For example, if you have a challenge, the first stage will be “invited”.

The second stage may be if they join the challenge.

And with this simple way of tracking people in a challenge, you can teach a team to do it by just importing what you already have.

All you need to do is share a code with them. And then it's a one click import, and they have your entire system.

And of course, this doesn't expose any of your friends list or sensitive information.

It's simply cloning your system so that they have the same setup and are ready to go.

The Birthday Strategy

(Watch the YouTube video from 16:08)

As network marketers we know that the best time to reengage with someone is on their birthday.

So you send them a birthday message and then you have a conversation starter.

You may not have talked to them for a year, but on their birthday, you can check on them and see where they are with their work.

Are they happy?

Are they looking for something on the side?

And then that's how you prospect!

LeadMagicX allows you to simply set up a birthday strategy.

You need to pick the funnel stage, then the birthday message template, and then set a delivery time.

For example, if you choose 6PM when everyone has finished work, every day at 6PM LeadMagicX is going to scan your Facebook friends list and see who has a birthday that day and send out the happy birthday message for you.

Want To Automate Your Prospecting?

If you want to learn more on how you can set up a system that works for your team and duplicate 10 times faster, check out LeadMagicX HERE.

Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Welcome to today’s episode. My name is Brandy Shaver, and this is Benjamin Pang. And we are founders of Beach Boss Influencers. And today we are talking about how to automate your prospecting using Lead Magics. And it’s going to be an exciting episode because prospecting is painful for a lot of people that are doing it.

Yeah, absolutely. So I still remember when I was in, uh, building a network marketing team, I have to like, add new friends. I have to build that relationship, add them, uh, to a friends list, uh, making sure I’m keeping track of who they are, uh, you know, and also go into Messenger, you know, kind of talk to them, see what the pain is, uh, and also go to groups like to drop, you know, a post and people will be reaching out. So, you know, every day I’ll be like talking to maybe like couple dozens or even hundreds of people to just get the volume in because not everyone is interested already for what we have to offer. Like no matter if it’s the product that we are selling or, uh, you know, the business that we’re building. Right. Um, so, and then I was like getting burned out because I have a full-time job, you know, at that time. And, you know, adding on the prospect thing is just like, I’m working all the time. You feel the same, Randy? Yeah. Yeah. It was a lot for me too. Just like you said, the volume, right? And being taught to, it’s a numbers game and so you’ve gotta talk to more people and social media’s a great tool, don’t get us wrong, right? It’s a great tool to build your business. It’s a great way to build a massive income using, um, you know, social media, but it was the, like, people everywhere and the messages and like, you couldn’t remember what you said yesterday because you talked to so many people. And so, I don’t know about you, I’ve even sent a copy and paste message and put the wrong name cuz I was trying to get so many people done, right? Get my daily mode of operation done so that I could get my stats in so that I could then recruit and rank advance and all of those things. So yeah, we’ve got a way easier way of doing this than, yeah.

Yeah, absolutely. And I remember having this conversation with Brandy talking about like, how much, how many people we’re prospecting, and then it’s just taking too much time. Uh, and of course we are in, uh, marketing and like, there’s so much you can do with marketing nowadays, like with all the software out there. And we were like, okay, can we, you know, Brandy was asking me, can we build a, uh, software to automate that? And given that I have been a, you know, developer, uh, for over 10 years, uh, I was like, yeah, sure, , of course we can do that. Oh, we did . Yeah. And then we did, we, you know, we look into it, um, and we have a lot of people interested, uh, in the beginning and, you know, we have like a first version and now like, we are probably at like the 11th version of Li Magics, which have like a lot of features to automate prospecting.

So we’re gonna show, uh, show it to you guys in this episode, how those features work and how, uh, it can actually help save you time. So if you have been, let’s say, spending a couple hours every single day, uh, to prospect, they might bring it down to like half an hour or even, uh, less. It depends on how you’re doing it. Um, and then I want to first, uh, start off with a screen share. And, uh, if you are listening, uh, to this episode, uh, there should be a link in the, in the notes section, going back to a video post so that you can actually see what we are sharing on our screen. So, uh, I just added, um, I just added the screen to our video here. Um, as you can see, uh, with Leap Magics, you can actually import all of your friends, uh, from Facebook.

So all with just one button. So on the screen, uh, on the top right hand side, I have import Facebook friends. So all we have to do is literally click on it. Uh, and inside Leap Magics there’s a concept called funnel and stage. So it just imagine, uh, you know, the same thing as Facebook Friends List. So you’re basically separating people into different lists so that you can keep track of them. So, uh, fu uh, funnel and stage is exactly the same thing. Um, so it’s basically like a two layer structure. You have like funnel, which is, you know, the top level and then under funnel, like what stages are those people in? So in this case, I’m just gonna pick my friend’s funnel. Uh, and then, so basically I’m adding everyone to the same, uh, same stage. This is so exciting, Ben, because one click and we can add all the people to whatever funnel we want to add them to, and it’s awesome. It makes Exactly, yeah.

Yeah. And so it will, you know, pop up a new window and say, you know, it’s adding all your friends. It’s basically reading from your friend’s list. Uh, and, you know, in a few minutes, it depends on how many friends you have, it’s gonna import everyone. So now on a screen, I have 2000 friends, 2076, uh, 76 friends, and it’s just gonna take one to two minutes to import everyone. And now since I have them in Leap Magics, I can do so much more, which I’m gonna mention later on. But now, okay, so we have, you know, all your friends in Leap Magics. Now what can we do with them, right? Uh, so LEAP Magics is like a software for, for managing your contacts on Facebook. Now you have, you know, all those contacts in Lead Magics. The next thing you’re gonna do is actually put them into a, uh, a sensible like funnel anesthesia.

Let’s say you’re promoting your product, right? So I’m just gonna close this. So let’s say you’re promoting a product and you wanna send, uh, you know, initiate a conversation with people that you think it, it, they, you know, qualifies mm-hmm. . So you can actually select multiple people in a stage. So let’s say I have, um, going into, you know, my friend’s funnel and I have 2000 people. So of course you’re not gonna message 2000 people with the same message, but let’s say you have, uh, you’re gonna go through them and see which one qualifies. Let’s say I have, you know, uh, you know, whatever number left. Let’s say a, you know, 500 people, uh, then you can actually schedule, uh, a message being sent out to them. Uh, and then you can, um, you know, select multiple templates. So over here, just wanna like kind of educate, you know, network marketers, if you’re listening, uh, we do not want people to spam, you know, uh, uh, your friends or Yeah, definitely not, definitely not. This is about building relationships, but faster . Exactly. So what you can do with the templates is that we don’t want you to send the same message over and over again. So that’s why we allow you to actually select, uh, multiple templates. You can pick up to how many you want. So you, let’s say you have 10 templates, all those messages are saying the same thing, but just word it differently. Mm-hmm. . So everyone basically are getting a different, uh, uh, version of the message. And also it’s, uh, it has their first name in there. So Lead mes actually allow yeah. Then open, open that real quick for people that are watching just so that they can see how you can, you can put the first name in there. So you just use the app sign when you’re building the message and it will pop down a, a down arrow. Yeah. And then you can pick first name or whatever. That’s the way that you can build relationships faster is because, you know, a lot of people get a copy and paste mis message, right? Mm-hmm. , but they know it’s a copy and paste message because it says, Hey there, or Hey, friend, or, you know, whatever. It’s not personalized. So this is personalized. It makes it so much more effective when you’re using it. So you can see here Ben sharing with you Yeah. How to do with that.

Absolutely. So once you have the first name, then Elite Metrics will automatically find the first name and then put it into the message, and then you can go on with the remaining of the, of the message. Mm-hmm. . Okay. Um, so, and then you, you can create, you know, 10 of these and then Leap Magics will basically rotate, uh, within all the templates so that you don’t send out repeated messages all the time. Okay. So now, next, uh, is once you have, um, you know, the templates selected, there’s also a time gap, right? Because imagine you are sending those messages out manually, then, um, it doesn’t make sense for you to send those messages every other second. It’s not even physically possible.

. Yeah. It’s not even possible as a human being, right?

So, so what we do is we add, we added a time gap for you. Meaning whenever we send out all these automated messages, we will wait for a minute before sending the next one. So, and also, it’s not exactly a minute, it’s basically randomized. So meaning it’s mimicking human behavior mm-hmm. . So instead of, uh, you know, just, just Bamming, we are allowing you to customize your, your message. That’s number one. Second is, we don’t send that often because you, you know, as a human, you don’t send that often. So we are mimicking that as well. So once you set that up, leap Magic is gonna go through all the contacts you have selected, uh, randomly pick a template and you know, it’s gonna send it out, wait a minute, and then you’re gonna send out this next one. And then you basically just sit back and then wait for them to reply. So that is ama an amazing feature, like the core feature that we have. All, all of our users love it. And I bet like, uh, you know, Brandy at the beginning also used it and, you know, got a lot of results from it.

Yeah. It’s, it makes a huge difference. Just not only, you know, not only in the time that it takes to do all the things, but just the organization. So instead of like, you know, having people fall through the cracks, I was really diligent about, okay, where’s this person, what was the last message that I sent? And where do I need to, you know, move them to, and what message do they need to, um, get next? So it made me build a process for my business, which you guys all know, if you have a down line or you want a down line, you need a process for duplication when you’re just like, oh, do this willy nilly, right? Like, they don’t know what you’re talking about, but when you can actually share with them exactly how it works, what to say, how to make it more effective with them, and how to save time. And so they’re not always staring at their screen that they can actually, you know, get in, get their work done, and then move on to what they need to be doing, whether that’s a job or their family or whatever mm-hmm. , you get more duplication and your team gets more results, which is the main thing that we wanted out of this deal. So it’s incredible.

Absolutely. And talking about like, you know, uh, getting, getting more prospects into your funnel, like how you, we usually go to a group, right? We wanna build that relationship and let’s say we are, uh, selling a, uh, health and nutritional product. We will pick group that talks about health and nutrition, uh, and then we want to get to know people in there, build that relationship. So, uh, usually we would go through a group and then kind of look at what, what are the people in there? And then we, we will, we would, uh, you know, send them a friend message, uh, and then we’ll basically, uh, connect them and then go from there. So, uh, we also have a feature in Leap Magics that allow you to read, uh, everyone in a group, uh, into Leap Magics so that you, first you organize them into, uh, a, a funnel. And second, you can also send them messages automatically. Uh,
Yeah. Which makes it incredible. Cause if you’re doing an event, let’s say you’re doing an event in your group, right? You’ve added everybody from your group into Lead Magics, you’re doing an event, you can quickly type up a couple different messages in the bulk messages mm-hmm. and send that out to thousands of people within, you know, a few short hours before the event is happening. And Ben even added, um, Ben and the development team added where it can expire. So once the event starts, you just go in and you click the expire button and you know, it stops sending. So nobody’s getting it after the event has already started, which is really, really effective. Like you’re reminding people, cuz let’s be honest, everybody’s busy, right? We live in this microwave society, it’s like what’s in front of me right now mm-hmm. . And sometimes we forget what we’re supposed to be doing or where we’re supposed to be. So it’s a really great way to keep people plugged in and build those relationships faster on social media.

Yeah, absolutely. And to show how it works, you basically, uh, go to, let’s say this is the group that you manage, there will be an icon, which is Lead Magic’s icon, showing up on the right hand side of the group name. Once you click on it, you can select at members to Funnel, uh, it will pop up another window, which you will see on the screen right now. And then basically it’s the same thing. It will scan through the entire group, add everyone, uh, from the group into Leap Magics, and from there on then you can, uh, automate your prospecting. So, pretty amazing.

It is amazing . I love it. my favorite.

Yeah. And talking about, uh, duplication, uh, because this is all about, you know, sim uh, simplifying the workflow, automate, uh, you know, the prospecting effort. And then, okay, now you have a system, but then let’s say you bringing in teammates and they want to do the same thing. So how can they do exactly what you do, uh, without, you know, kind of learning everything about Leap Magics, right? And setting everything up. We have like message templates and, you know, all the, all those things that you need to do, uh, when setting up Leap Magics, how can you speed that up, right? So we were thinking like, why don’t we have a feature allowing, uh, you know, anyone that uses Leap Magics to share their system. So first of all, of course we have an affiliate uh, program. So if you bring in anyone to, uh, to use Leap Magics, then you’ll get be, you’ll be, uh, paid 20%, uh, whenever, uh, whoever you referred paid us.

So basically it’s an ongoing, uh, affiliate income for you. That’s, that’s number one. Second is, uh, you can actually create something called Campaign. So a campaign includes everything that is in your account, meaning, uh, it will include all the message templates that you have set up and also all the funnel structure. So let’s say you want your team to focus on products, then you create a funnel that’s called like product. And then you have different stages as I’m showing on a screen. Uh, usually we recommend people to have like, um, uh, uh, let’s say you’re join a challenge, right? So you have the first stage will be invited. So you once, once you invited someone, you put them into the invite stage, uh, invite a stage. And then the second is, you know, if they join a challenge, you put them into join Challenge. And after that, uh, depends on what you wanna do. Right here on the screen we have follow up on a sale. So now you are basically tracking where people are in the challenge, right? So, you know, when you teach a team to do it, there’s no better way than them actually just importing what you have, right?

Importing this funnel, right? Uh, the structure that, that true duplication and, and they just, you know, follow the process. It’s awesome.

Exactly. Um, and then you can basically just share a code with them. And then, you know, again, it’s a one click import. They click on import campaign, put in the code, voila. You know, they have your entire system. Uh, this doesn’t, you know, of course this doesn’t expose any of your friends list or any, you know, sensitive information. It’s, it’s just basically, uh, cloning your, your structure, your system so that they have the same setup and you know, instead of spending a week to set, set it up when some someone join your team, it’s probably gonna be just, you know, an hour, you know, click on a button, importing all the friends and they’re good, you know, good to go.

Yeah. The other thing that’s really cool about that is, I know when you enroll somebody new, right? There’s so many things that they need to learn or that you need to teach them mm-hmm. that sometimes they get overwhelmed with some of this tech stuff and this makes it super simple for ’em. So they can just, you know, instantly pull in their friends and start the process and you have a whole new person and a whole new, um, network to, you know, help that person work through. So it’s an awesome way to grow your business.

Yeah. And I think lastly it, you know, it’ll be definitely the, the birthday strategy that we have here. Uh, cuz we, I think as network marketers, we know when to reengage with someone, right? The best, uh, time is when they have a birthday, right? So you congratulate them and then you have a conversation starter, and then you go from there. Like you haven’t probably talked to them for a year. And now you know, when, when they have a birthday, after you say happy birthday, how they celebrate the birthday, you can probably kind of check on them and see where they are at their work. Are they happy? Are they looking for something on the site? Uh, and then that’s how you prospect, right? But how, how do you keep track of like, who has a birthday? Like let’s say you’re not on your phone all the time and then you might have missed it.

Uh, so Leap Magics allow you to actually just simply set up, um, you know, you can turn on the birthday strategy, pick the funnel stage, and then the birthday message template, you know, right here I have two, and then set a delivery time. So meaning what, at what time of the day do you wanna send out the birthday message? So let’s say you pick something sensible, which is, you know, let’s say everyone gets off at work at six, so you will pick six, uh, and then you hit, okay, so every day, six o’clock is gonna scan your Facebook friends list and see who has a birthday today, and it’s gonna send out the happy birthday message. So, uh, quick example, like I have been turning this on for, for a while and every day I’m like getting people thanking me. I’m like, like, this is awesome, like, where’s this person coming from? And I was like, oh yeah, this is a person that, um, that I worked with like seven years ago. Uh, and I was like, oh yeah, you know, it, it was, it wa you know, I, I forgot about him, you know, very, very long time. Cuz you know, we haven’t, uh, we wasn’t in touch. But then Leap Magic brought that person back because I said Happy Birthday, uh, automatically , uh, through Leap Magic. So that is a great, great uh, kind of re-engagement tool. Like you have all these friends on, on your, in your account. How do you sort the conversation without being awkward? Without Yeah.

And Ben, that’s really cool because, you know, like seven years ago you’re working with this guy, right? Like if you were still actively enrolling in network marketing now, then you could be like, Hey, just, you know, hope you had a great day, or whatever your, your message says said, you know, and he’s like, thank you. And then just say, it’d be great to catch up. What are you up to in business these days? Right? Like just yeah, straight up, ask him a question and then see where it leads. Like what is he up to? Is he open to doing network marketing? Is, you know, are there things that’s happening in his life? I mean, that’s the thing we get so busy doing. I don’t know what that we forget the relationship part, right? Where Yeah. And that’s what network marketing is about. That’s how, that’s why we built Lead Magics is to make those conversations, those things to be easier, take less time and be organized. Because when you’re dropping people all over the place, I had a lady, just as an example, I had a lady that wanted to join my team and she was a really big leader in another company and I was like in active in role. Like I was like in like, you know, go status, right? Mm-hmm. . And this was before I had Lead Magics and we weren’t friends like connected on Facebook.

And so her message ended up in my other box mm-hmm. and I didn’t see it, so she thought I was ignoring her. She ended up not joining me and my team, but that would’ve been like, it been like a multimillion dollar leg because of that or unorganized that I was, right? Yeah. Because I didn’t have the, the tool to, to keep me in the process. So mm-hmm. . Yeah, it’s been incredible. So if you don’t have it, I would definitely recommend getting Lead Magics and getting it plugged in, learning how to work it and uh, and going for it cuz it’s been a game changer for us and all of our students and our teams. So it’s been incredible.

Yeah, absolutely. And for those that want more information about uh, the software, uh, go to lead, L e A d M A G I C Uh, and then you can learn more information there. Uh, and then, uh, you can also, you know, look into uh, different features we have and kind of, uh, go over like everything that we talk about today and how we can actually help your team to grow faster. Cuz it’s all about how you can set up a system that works for your team and then it’s gonna duplicate 10 times faster.

Absolutely. Cool. Well Ben, with that, is there anything else you wanna share?

Uh, no I think that’s it. Like go to lead, check it out, and uh, reach out to our support if you have any questions and we’ll hope to see you in our community.

Awesome. See you next time. Bye.

Bye guys.


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