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How to Create the Perfect Social Media Profile To Attract Network Marketing Prospects

Adrian Lindeen

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It's a common misconception in network marketing to plaster company products, promotions, sales, and “join my business opportunity” all over social media.

Some people even utilize their profile bios to drop company replicated links and mention their association without realizing that this can often repel potential prospects.

We're going to share with you five tips on how to create the perfect social media profile to attract network marketing prospects.


The Transformation from Business Centric to Brand Centric

There was a time when we, too, were using this approach, and it lasted for three long years. You might be familiar with the scenario where people eagerly comment on every personal post you share, but when it comes to your business-related posts, the response is often silence. This realization led us to shift our focus from company to brand, using our profiles to attract the right people through the content we shared. Once we made this shift, we started getting daily leads and prospects, transforming our social media profile into a digital business card.

The Power of Personal Branding

Your social media profile is a very powerful and free tool that can be used to attract new customers and team members, if used correctly. The first step is to define your brand. Remember, your brand isn't a catchy hashtag or your company's name – your brand is you. Consider what inspires you, what you are passionate about, and how these things tie into your niche. Your brand should be a window into your life, interests, and the products you're selling and representing. Your goal is to pique curiosity, encouraging people to ask about your work without giving everything away up front.

The First Impression Matters

Next, pay attention to your profile picture. First impressions are indeed crucial. Your profile picture should be clear, bright, happy, and a close-up of you. Selfies work just as well, so no professional photography is required. Refrain from using pictures of your product or your company.

Adding Inspiration with Cover Photos and Bio

Then, update your cover photo. An inspirational or motivational quote, or a photo of you with your family or friends, can work wonders. Again, avoid company logos. Subsequently, clean up your bio or intro. What can you say about yourself that tells your followers a bit more about what you do, who you are, and what you represent? An example could be, “Helping entrepreneurs live freedom-filled lives using social media.”

Detoxing Your Profile

Lastly, clean up your timeline. Remove any posts that loudly advertise your product names and company, such as “before and after” pictures, promotional posts, or posts showing all the packages and prices of your products. Instead, focus on creating an environment that does not make people feel they're being sold to. Transforming your profile into your digital business card and ditching the company's running billboard approach can skyrocket your business. It's smart marketing – you become a magnet attracting the right people without having to chase them down.

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Hey there. I’m Adrian Linine, co-founder of Beach Bus Influencers, and in today’s training, I’m gonna share with you five tips on how to create the perfect social media profile to attract network marketing prospects. So most people in network marketing are taught to plaster their company products, promotions, sales, and join my business opportunity all over their social media. Some people even use their profile bio to drop their company replicated links and what company they’re with without knowing that that actually repels people. Okay? And it wasn’t long ago that I was doing the same thing. In fact, I actually did this for three years, right? You know, you have people that comment every time you share something about your family, right? Uh, or whatever it’s you’re doing. But once it comes to one of your posts about, you know, your product, you know, before and afters, or, you know, join me in my business, it’s literal crickets, all right?

But what I found was that I needed to make my profile about my brand, okay, not my company, and use it as a way to attract the right people to me through my content, okay? And once I did this, I had leads and prospects coming to me daily, okay? Your social media profile is like your digital business card when it comes to social media and building your business. It’s a very powerful and free tool that you can use to attract new customers and team members to you, even if you’re using it in the right way. Okay? So here’s a few things that you can do to get your social media profile working for you instead of repelling people away from you. So, number one, think about your brand. Okay? This may not be clear at first because for me, I had a, you know, I had a hard time wrapping my, my mind around it as well.

Your brand is not some like catchy hashtag or your company name, okay? Your brand is you. So think about it. What do you like to see in your newsfeed? What inspires you? What can you share that will give people a glimpse into your life and your passions? You know, what are you passionate about? How does your brand tie into your niche? Okay? And what products that you are selling and representing. Remember, you want people asking you about what you do, so don’t give it all away. You wanna create curiosity. You want them to think, can this person help me? They will never have to go to you and ask you, you know, what it is that you’re doing if your company name and products and links are plastered all over. Okay? Number two, change your profile picture. First impressions are everything. I see a lot of profile pictures out there where I don’t know who the person is because it’s either some group picture, maybe it’s a picture about, you know, of their pet, right?

Uh, and I don’t know exactly who it is that I’m connecting with. So make sure it’s clear, make sure it’s bright and happy and close up, okay? It doesn’t need to be professional Selfies work great. And no picture of your product or your company. Okay? Update number three, , update your cover photo. Okay? Put something inspirational or motivational quote. Um, those work great. Something that speaks to you. Maybe it’s a picture of you with your family or with your friends. And again, not a place for your company logos. Okay? And tip number four, okay? Go and clean up your bio, your intro. All right? What info can you give your followers that tells them a little bit more about what you do, what you represent, who you are, okay? And for an example, okay, helping entrepreneurs live freedom filled lives using social media. All right?

Maybe it’s mompreneur, maybe it’s dog mom, fit mom, okay? That’s, that’s something that’s in my profile. Emojis work. Great. So you can add emojis. Uh, it makes ’em fun and personable, and it adds a little bit of personality into the mix, okay? And it just livens things up. Okay? And number five, clean up your timeline. It is time to detox your product names and company name from your timeline. That means delete all the posts of before and afters, uh, product images with company name and any of those spammy promo posts about, you know, $10 off or, or, you know, something where it shows all the packages about your products and, and all the prices, because that just speaks like infomercial, okay? And that’s a yucky feeling. So people don’t wanna go to your profile if they think and connect with you if they think they’re gonna be sold to, right?

So when I finally turn my profile into my digital business card and ditched being a running billboard for my company, my business actually skyrocketed. In fact, I have leads in my inbox daily asking me about what I do and if they can get more info on my products in my business. Or it’s like, I have looked everywhere and I cannot find what company you’re with. Like, can you tell me more? Okay? And it’s not being sneaky. You are a business owner, okay? And social media is a free way for you to market your business, okay? So this is smart marketing, right? It’s not being sneaky, but it’s like it becomes a magnet when you have it set up the right way. It becomes a magnet attracting people to, to you, to me, without having to go and chase people down, right? No one to chase people. And no one wants to be chased. We wanna you wanna be talking to people who are actually interested in what it is that you want and I, what it is that you have and what it is that you’re selling, right? So, I hope you got value from these tips. I’m gonna go through them real quick one more time. The first thing is to think about your brand. Your brand is not your company. Your brand is you. Okay? How can you show up like that on your profile? Uh, number two is change your profile picture. Make it something about you. And remember, first impressions are everything. Number three, update your cover photo, uh, inspirational or motivational quotes. Work great. Or picture of you with your family, something that speaks to you. Number four, uh, what info can you give your followers in your bio, okay?

Or the intro that give them a little bit more of a glimpse about who you are, what you represent. Okay? And number five is cleaning up your timeline. So go and detox your timeline from all those spammy posts you probably did. And like I said, I did it for three years. So yes, I had a lot of cleanup to do, . And I’m not saying you need to go back years and years and years, right? But if someone can kind of scroll through and see all this junk in there, right? Where they’re just seeing you are this company, you’re not, you know, maybe a mom or a nurse or a teacher, you know, have a family. You know what it is. If you like to do, what are your hobbies and your passions, they’re not gonna wanna connect with you, and they’re not gonna wanna come to you and ask you what it is you’re doing and how they can get their hands on your stuff. All right? So I hope you got value from this. Let me know below what your biggest takeaway was, and if you wanna kick your business up into high gear and really make a splash, grab the link above in the description and watch your business go. Boom. We’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.


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  1. So true! I felt I have become a walking billboard since launching my business November 2022. Engagement is nil to none. Cannot wait to see how far I can go.

  2. Adrian:

    I have loved reading all of your tips so far, for helping build my Online Health Coaching Business. I love how authentic you are, letting everyone know that it’s not their fault that didn’t know what it takes to be successful building a Business & Team, using Social Media. I like forward to learning more!

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