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Interview with 7-Figure Influencer Student Lorie Nijjar

Cari Higham

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Join us as we talk with Beach Boss Influencer's student Lorie Nijjar and discuss her network marketing journey from how it started to where she is now, and how the 7-Figure Influencer program helped her reach new strides in her business!


Before Network Marketing

Could you share a little bit about your background before network marketing?

Before network marketing, I was a Black Hawk instructor pilot in the military for 20 years.

After I retired and had raised my two daughters to be grown and independent, I got into real estate.

I had done several different network marketing companies in the past, but had no intention of getting back into it until one fell into my lap. I've been with my current company for almost two years now.

I also just renewed my membership with the 7-Figure Influencer at the end of March.

Lorie’s Biggest Struggles Before Joining Beach Boss Influencers

Before joining Beach Boss Influencers, what were some of the biggest challenges you faced in your network marketing business?

One of the biggest frustrations I had was using lists.

I had a stack of lists on my desk for my warm market, cold market, etc. But I couldn't get consistent with them, and I felt like I was hitting the same people over and over again.

It made me feel uncomfortable and inauthentic.

I had some initial success, but then it fizzled away, and I felt like I wasn't progressing. I needed something different.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who is interested in joining my business. She mentioned a mutual friend of ours who joined my business about a year ago but did nothing with it.

Our mutual friend said that she joined to help me out, which frustrated me because she joined for the wrong reasons.

I don't recall ever telling her that I needed her help to earn X, Y, and Z because I'm trying to have quality people on my team who want to run a business.

Maybe she joined out of obligation or because she loves me, but it's a pretty hefty investment, and it's not like we have a $50 sign-up fee.

You can't sustain your business like that. If people are only doing it to support you, they will leave after a year.

You need people who are joining you for the right reasons. It's worse to sign someone up and have them quit a few months later than to not sign them up at all.

As someone from a military background, I have a different view and feel for my team than other people might.

In the military, it was always “you're only as strong as your weakest link.” We would focus on our 80% because our 20% were good to go.

It's a different vibe in network marketing because you're focusing on your producers. I can't force someone to be motivated, but I do try to incentivise and encourage.

However, sometimes that does nothing, and I've put good incentives out there, but I can't force anyone to be happy.

They have to make that decision to get up in the morning and do the work.

In the military, people volunteer, but they're also paid for it. If they don't perform, it could be life or death.

It's a completely different mindset from network marketing, which is more of a volunteer army.

With network marketing also, people tend to have a job. Most of them have a job or their spouse has a job or they have money coming in from somewhere.

They catch a vision to maybe have a different life, but they don't understand the iron that they're going to have to walk through to really build it.

And when it gets hard, a lot of people quit.

The Power of Automation in Network Marketing

So, as a leader, what is that thing that you can do instead to get people to stick around longer?

Well, one of the things that I've done is I've used automation.

I have a team page and as soon as they're into the team, they get launched on the guides and I'm giving them good, clear direction.

And I think that is essential because otherwise they're grasping at straws.

And having this automation set up and the team system set up, what has that done for you as a leader?

Some of the systems that Beach Boss Influencers have provided have been amazing, LeadMagicX in particular!

That is my favorite tool.

At a click of a button I am able to send 40, 50, 60 instant messages which is amazing.

We just had some new products that came out and I was able to send messages like, “Hey Jane, I'm so excited to let you know that we just had this new flavor come out and it's awesome.”

And whilst that's sending, I can do something else to grow my business instead of having to copy and paste until Facebook shuts me down.

I also use LeadMagicX for my customer blitz that I do every month and keep that nice and organized.

And it's not just one industry focused! It can be applied to any business.

Learning and Implementing Duplicable Systems

Do you find that your downline is starting to implement what you've learned in Beach Boss Influencers?

I’ve been helping them to get consistent on a DMO and especially with social media posting and creating posts and questions that attract people rather than repel them.

For example, don't put the product all over your page a hundred times a day.

But I still see people doing it, so I tell them to go look at their upper leaders stories. Go look at their pages. Do you see that all over theirs?


There are people that are successful in network marketing doing some of the stuff that they're teaching to their teams, like sending DMs to a lot of people, or posting their products all over their pages.

But if you have influence, it's going to work for you.

98% of us don't have that.

Which is why we need duplicatable systems.

It’s nice to know that the system is in place.

Not that I don't want to help them, but there's going to be a point to scale where I'm not going to have enough time to handle the amount of people that are joining the team.

I need them to be trained, but there's only so many hours a day, only so much of me.

We're not trying to create robots having that duplication system in place, but we want them to be able to see themselves doing it down the road.

I remember when I was in another company selling another product and I would do these elaborate displays at these home parties.

And I was so proud of them. But I had a leader tell me that I was defeating my own recruiting efforts.

And I didn’t know what she meant because I thought my displays were beautiful.

And they were, but that was the issue. People saw these displays and instantly thought that they couldn’t do it themselves, so they were no longer interested.

So once I scaled it down and made it simple, things got on fire again.

The same holds true with the trainings that we have in the 7-Figure Influencer roadmap, it's simple.

You couldn't make it any easier to understand.

I love that you kept your videos nice and short. You might have five videos in one section, but they were short enough to where it kept my attention to where I was.

The same applies then when you create the system for your team, keep it simple.

Keep it short.

Keep it durable that anybody thinks that they can do it.

And the beauty in what you can achieve with setting up your system is it identifies those leaders, identify those people who deserve your time.

How the 7-Figure Influencer Program Can Help You

If you could leave those reading with one big piece of advice, what would that be?

I would definitely say join one of your programs!

I joined off an ad.

I was very skeptical and when I had the call about which program to go, it was a difficult decision for me to step up into the 7-Figure Influencer program.

I knew it was a lot to chew, but I don't regret it for a single second.

I have three coaching calls a week, I have six different coaches, a tech person, a branding person, all that is invaluable.

At the last convention that I attended, some people talk about receiving training by this person or another person.

And I'm thinking, how many people do you think are going to be in that room when you're doing that training on that Zoom. 30, 40, 60 maybe?

In the 7-Figure Influencer program, I have the direct attention of these coaches.

There's at most maybe 12 people in a room. And if you can't be there, you submit your question, they will answer it and you can watch the replay.

Not once do I not feel noticed, known, attended to.

It has been the best investment ever.

I felt like my hand has been held when it needed to be held, but then when it was time for me just to do the work, I was given a kick up the butt.

And now, the last bit of building my funnel all came at once. My ads are running, and now I'm looking at doing the licensed funnel.

Let's talk about the tech side of it too. You get one-on-one tech calls and they'll guide you through it and you’ll be sharing your screen and they will make sure that your funnel is perfect and that everything's firing correctly.

Also the community that we have in 7-Figure Influencer is incredible.

I've made so many good friends and we cheer for each other.

There's no nonsense when you go to your call, you will held accountable for what you do, or don’t do, for your business.

So I would just say put your fears aside.

Take the leap.

You will definitely not regret it because the skillsets that you will learn in this, it's going to take you years to learn it and tons of money to learn it from somebody else.

And you probably won't get the same results.

They will love on you like you can’t imagine.

So don't hesitate. Just jump in and do it. That would be my biggest advice.

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