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Beach Boss Influencers

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Allow us to introduce ourselves…

We're the Beach Boss Influencers, and in this blog, you're going to learn a little bit more about us.


Introducing the Beach Boss Influencers

We're on a mission to help network marketers make more money in less time using social media and automation, all without badgering friends and family or resorting to spammy sales tactics.

We love to over-deliver value, ensuring you succeed in your business endeavors.

We enjoy being called the Beaches and love having fun, which is part of our philosophy in inspiring other network marketers to be their real, authentic selves.

Our goal is to help them build the businesses of their dreams, so they can spend more time with their friends and do things they love, stepping away from the salesy approach that many of us once employed.

Embracing a New Era of Network Marketing

Our transition to a new approach in network marketing was marked by resistance and revelation.

For some of us, the realization that we were actually part of a network marketing structure came as a surprise.

This epiphany was often accompanied by a struggle against conventional methods that seemed increasingly outdated and ineffective.

We recall moments of feeling lost, questioning our methods, and facing the stark reality that the old ways were not yielding the results we hoped for.

It was a period of, at times, desperation. The turning point came when we acknowledged that a change was necessary – not just in our tactics but in our entire mindset towards network marketing.

We remember these transformative phases vividly.

For some, it was a matter of grappling with identity crises, depression, and significant life changes like job losses and financial difficulties.

The journey wasn't easy; it involved confronting fears, overcoming deep-seated prejudices, and stepping out of long-established comfort zones.

But these moments of realization and decision were crucial for our growth and future success.

Building the Beach Boss Community

The creation of the Beach Boss community was a pivotal chapter in our journey.

It began with a simple yet powerful idea: to collaborate and enjoy the process of building our business.

This vision quickly evolved into a thriving group effort, highlighting the power of teamwork and shared objectives.

Our shift to leveraging online platforms marked a significant departure from traditional face-to-face methods.

This new approach allowed us to reach a wider audience and grow our community more effectively.

We began enrolling people into our team like hotcakes, and soon, we realized we had the potential to impact the industry on a larger scale.

However, we also recognized that many people were fascinated by our methods and eager to learn, even if they weren't ready to join us.

This realization highlighted a significant gap in the industry.

Many were still stuck in the rut of home parties and outdated tactics.

It was then that we decided to create an online community dedicated to teaching other network marketers these influential marketing skills, regardless of their company affiliation.

The Mission and Impact of Beach Boss

Today, the Beach Boss Influencers have evolved into more than just a team; we're a movement.

Our community now encompasses over 30,000 network marketers, each on a journey to rejuvenate their business practices.

Our methods offer a fresh perspective for those tired of the old ways, providing hope and innovative strategies.

Our mission is ambitious yet clear: to impact over a million network marketers in the coming years, teaching them how to authentically and effectively grow their businesses.

We emphasize real human connections, automation, and the avoidance of spammy tactics.

It's not just about making money; it's about putting people first, genuinely caring for each member of our community, and helping them achieve their dreams.

Through our journey, we've seen how systems, automation, and new strategies can give back time freedom promised by network marketing.

It's fulfilling to see stay-at-home moms, corporate workers, and people from all walks of life find hope and success through our teachings.

Our community stands out for its focus on people over profits, and it's this ethos that drives our mission forward.

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Beach Boss Influencers

About the author

The Beaches (Adrian Lindeen, Brandy Shaver, Cari Higham, Fran Loubser, Kat Krasilnikov) offer coaching and mentorship to network marketers who are in the trenches building their businesses using social media right now. Our community is FUN, EXCITING, and focused on our students getting RESULTS; Enrolling customers, teammates, ranking up in their businesses, growing 6&7 figure teams. All without working 24/7 and still having time freedom and a life. 

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