September 20

Take Risks Or Not In Network Marketing Business

Fran Loubser

Should I take the risk?

Is the risk worth taking, and why would I want to take it?

These are the questions we all ask ourselves. 

Today, I am going to help you answer that question with five steps that will help you identify if its worth taking that risk. 


So the first thing that you need to do is ask yourself is, where are you now? 

What is happening in your life that has you looking for something else.

What is working, and what is not working?

You need to really think about this and what kind of impact it is having on your family and your life. 

How does it make you feel?


The second thing you need to ask yourself is where do you want to be. 

If you had a realistic magic wand and could wave it, where would it take you? 

And what impact would it have on your family and your life?

Take a minute and write these things down.

Take the time to really put the work into it and think about how its going to make you feel. 


Next I want you to ask yourself, what is holding you back right now?

What is stopping you from getting to where you want to be?

It could be that you don't have a support system, or that you aren't working with the right network marketing team. 

So, that's the third thing, think about where you want to be and what is holding you back from getting there. 


After you have answered those questions, you are probably looking at two options. It might be joining a different team or it might be investing in yourself.

Number four is making the investment in yourself to build your business online. 

This could be changing to a company that is going to offer more support and training. 

Or it could be investing in a coaching program to learn how to utilize social media to build your business. 

Either way you need to make sure it will fill the holes in what you are doing now.


The fifth step is the most important. 

So often people are chasing the next best thing, they think that they can invest or take a course and that will be the magic button. 

The thing is, there is no magic button. 

If you are chasing shiny objects and looking for that magic button, I want you to take a look inside. 

You are the magic button, because ultimately it is up to you. 

You decide what you do with your business and what action you will take to get to where you want to be. 


So do you take the risk or not? 

Evaluate where you are and where you want to be. 

Will the risk take you where you want to go? 

Are you willing to put in the work and take action?

If you are not going to take action in order to be where you want to be, then that risk is not going to be worth taking. 

And no risk will be worth taking if you aren't going to do the work to achieve your dream. 

Remember, there is no magic button. 

It is up to you to do the work and show up for yourself. 

If you show up for yourself and do the work, then it is worth it to take the risk. 

If you want to learn how to take a business online and get more customers and sales, click the link below. 

Video Transcript

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Hey, Hey, I am Fran Loha and I’m so excited to be here with you today, um, to talk about, you know, what risks are worth taking and should you take any risks at all? Um, and what risks are worth taking? What, which ones do you wanna stay away from? So if we’re meeting for the first time, my name, as I said is Fran Loha and I am co-founder of beach boss influences the incredible coaching and mentoring community, where we coach and mentor network marketers to take the businesses online, to get more sales, more customers, more leads, more recruits in less time without feeling like a salesy weirder without chasing friends and family without posting. Um, oh, sorry. We really itchy noses without posting all about your products or over Facebook and without feeling like that used car salesman. So I, this is actually something that is pretty near and dear to my heart is like, you know, should you should, is this risk worth taking?

And, and why would you take it? And so there are gonna be a couple, um, there are actually five things that I’m gonna talk about. Okay. Five steps to help you identify whether it is worth doing. And the last step is actually probably the most important. Okay. So hang on to hang on to the last step. So the first thing that I want to, I want you to ask yourself is where are you now? Okay. What is happening in your life that has you looking for something else? What is working, um, and what is not working in your life, and what impact is that having on you on your life, on your family? How is it making you feel? I want you to ask yourself and really think about it is like, where are you now? Okay. For example, a couple of years ago. Um, in fact, wow.

Um, over six years ago, I was still practicing dentist dentistry. Um, and I was miserable. I was absolutely miserable as soon. I hated like Sunday night, sick filling my epi in my stomach, you know, stress on all the family. And I was, I was hating what I was doing. Okay. And so I started, you know, I was looking for, you know, a way out okay. Looking for like, what can I do, um, that can help me get out of this. Okay. And that’s when I found network marketing, I actually found network marketing in 20, um, 2017. And, um, and so I looked at that, I thought, okay, this is, I, I hate where I am and this is gonna help me get out of where I am roll on two years. And I was struggling in network marketing because I was doing all the spammy things that you might be hating doing, like chasing my friends and family and, you know, posting all about my products over Facebook and making a Facebook group and literally adding all my friends to it. And yeah, having people run away from me in the street, I was doing all the things and I then thought, okay, I need to find a better way and found a coaching program that would help me, um, get, you know, learn how to build, influence online and learn how to, how to build my business without chasing my friends and family without looking like a sales weirdo on Facebook. And so I looked at the investment and it was a sizable investment in my business, but it, for me, it was worth the risk because what I was doing was not working. Okay. So have a look at where you are now. Okay. And ask yourself like, what’s, you know, what is not working? How’s this making me feel okay. How are you feeling? What impact is this having on your life? What impact is it having on your family’s life? Um, you know, and if you do nothing, what will, what is gonna happen if you do nothing, what is gonna happen? Okay. Then I want you to ask yourself the second question I want you to ask yourself is where do you wanna be? Like, if you could wave a realistic magic wand.

Okay. And you could think, okay. In, if I could wave a magic wand, where would I want to be? What impact is that gonna have on me? What impact is that gonna have my family? What impact is that gonna have, you know, on my life, how’s it gonna make me feel? How’s my family gonna feel. Um, and, you know, ask yourself that. And I want you to write these things down. Okay. So really work into it and think about how it’s gonna make you feel. Okay. And then the third thing I want you, I want you to ask yourself is what right now is holding you back or stopping you, um, you know, from getting to where you wanna be. Okay. What is, what is stopping you from getting there? Okay. And think about, think about what, what it is that is holding you back or stopping you from getting there.

Okay. And it could be, you know, that maybe you are you’re, you’re in network marketing already, but maybe, you know, you don’t have support. You don’t have a, a, you don’t have a team system. Maybe, you know, the, the way that you’re being taught to build is just feeling like a salesy, weirder, and it’s not working. And you’ve, you’re posting all about your products and you’re posting all the before or afters, and you’re posting about your opportunity and it’s only $29 to join this week. And, and nobody’s nobody it’s not working and nobody’s enrolling and maybe you’re getting a couple of customers, but they’re not hanging around. Or maybe you’re getting a couple of people who enroll as distributors, but actually they’re only running, running as distributors to get the, to get the whole sale price. And they’re actually not wanting to build a business.

And so nothing is duplicating. Nothing is working your business. Okay. And then maybe be that in thinking, okay, you know, I need to find a way to actually find people are actually looking for my opportunity, looking for my products. Um, you know, people who looking for the solutions that by products can, can offer. Okay. So thinking about what is holding it back and stopping you from getting there. Okay. So if you have, so if you, because you’ve probably got two options right now. Okay. And if something is, is, has been offered to you and it might be joining another team in another company, or it might be investing in yourself to learn, you know, how to build your business online. Okay. And there’ll be a link above this video, if you want to learn how to build your business online. But, um, you know, when looking at, you know, either changing company or investing in yourself to learn how to do it so that you, because I know you love your company and you love your products, I get it.

Okay. But what’s work, what’s, what’s, what’s happening right now is not working for you in your business. And so when you are looking at investing in yourself and it may be, so let’s, let’s talk about like maybe looking at joining another team first, we’ll talk about that first because, um, maybe that, isn’t the way that you want to go and you, you love your products and you’re thinking I just need to make this work. Um, and so, um, you know, if somebody is, is, is offering you, you know, the magic button in another company, there is no magic button by the way, and that’s coming later. Okay. But if somebody’s offering, have a look at what they can do and have a look at at the difference between what they can help you, and maybe it’s filling some holes as to, you know, compared to where you are now.

So maybe, you know, what they can offer you is, you know, going to give you support and gonna teach you actually how to build effectively online without spamming or everywhere. And you’re thinking, okay, well, maybe this might be, um, might it might work for me. And then, then, you know, you’ve gotta do some soul searching and see whether that is a fit for you, but more often than not, um, it is going to be, you know, figuring out how to build your business, the one that you love, the company that you love. Okay. And how to build that online. And so when you look at investing in yourself and investing in coaching and, and mentoring, okay. You know, find like, have a look, have a look at, at, at the, at the, you know, who’s going to be coaching. You have they been where you are and are they where you want to be?

Okay. So can you see that they can a hundred percent relate to where you are, that they have actually done it, that they have built massive businesses online. They’ve built massive network marketing businesses online, and they on our teaching other people how to do that. Exactly what we do. Okay. So have a look at, you know, have they, can they, have they been where you are and are they where you want to be? Okay. And, um, you know, do they have, do they have a roadmap that will teach you how to fill in the holes, how to, how to, how to build your business effectively online. Okay. Is, is there going to be supporters there going to be a community? Is there gonna be coaching? Is there, you know, are there testimonials from other students that will, that, you know, have, have seen results, have a look at, have a look at the program, you know, do you get, do you get coaching?

Do you get mentoring? Do you, you know, is it, is it going to help you get where you wanna be? Okay. And have a look at that. And, and, you know, if, if, if coaching and mentoring, if you, if you’re looking at investing in, in a program, check the link. As I said, check the link above. But step five is actually the most important. Okay. Because here is the thing is like, so often we look at, we look at, okay, I invest in this and I’m going to invest in this. I’m gonna buy this course, or I’m going, going to join this team, or I’m going to do this and I’m gonna do this. And I’m going like, so often people look are, are chasing shiny objects. We’re chasing the, the next base thing. You’re chasing the shiny objects. We’re looking for the magic button.

And here’s the thing is there is no magic button. Okay. And if you’re finding yourself chasing shiny objects, you’re finding yourself, you know, looking for the, for the, that magic button. I want you to look inside of you. Okay. Because you are the magic button. Okay. You, it is, it is ultimately up to you, what you do with your business, what you do with a coaching program, what you do, you know, with, because you know what you do in order to take action in order to get that, to where you wanna be. And if you are looking outside of you for the magic button, if you’re looking outside of you for all the right courses and for all the things, okay. And nothing seems to be working, okay. Then the biggest risk that you can do is actually not look inside. The biggest risk that you can do is actually not look at yourself and see what are you actually doing?

Because if you are just buying courses, thinking, okay, this is gonna help you. This is gonna help me, but you’re not actually taking action. You’re not actually doing the do. You’re not being coachable. You are not being, you’re not evaluating in your business. What’s working, what’s not working and what you might do differently. But if you don’t, if you don’t look inside and see, okay, well, like why, what is happening inside of me that is not working. And maybe it’s just that you have absolutely no, no, self-confidence okay. And self-confidence is a whole nother subject, but that comes with taking action. And so, you know, take risks or do nothing, um, have a look evaluate where, where you are, where you wanna be. Okay. And, and, you know, have a look at what risk, you know, and it might be investing in a cause or what risk is, is in front of you and ask yourself, okay.

If, if I take this, if I take this on, if I invest in myself in order to get to the, where I wanna be, am I going to do the work? Am I going to show up for myself? Am I gonna show up for my family? Am I going to do whatever it takes to get where I wanna be? Because if, if you know, if you are, if you are, you know, lacking in self-confidence and lacking in doubt, and, and you, you’ve got all these, all these stories happening in your, in your, in your head, and you’re not actually taking the action in order to, in order to get where you wanna be, then that risk is not gonna be worth taking. No risk is worth taking, because if you are not going to do the do, if you are not going to take action, if you are not going to do the work in order to get your, to, to achieve your dream, then it’s not worth doing so. That’s the first thing I that’s the most important thing is taking a look in, you know, taking a look inside and it’s up to you, it’s ultimately up to you because it doesn’t matter. You know, if any, any investment, if you work at it, if you do the work, okay. And if you show up for yourself and you show up for the course, it’ll work. If you work, so take, take risks. If you are prepared to do the work, that is my, that is my, that is the, the ultimate thing. So I hope you got value from today. Let me know what your biggest takeaway has been. I, I, um, I feel pretty passionate about this because I, I see so many people buying courses and I’ve been there too, you know, in the past I’ve bought courses, then done nothing, you know, and obviously didn’t get any results because I didn’t do anything. So something I feel really passionate about is how important it is to actually take action and do the do and work on yourself first and work on that.

Self-belief and the self-belief comes by taking action by doing the things that you actually don’t wanna do. And by taking action, you start build that, building that self-belief, and, you know, keep investing in yourself and keep investing in your dream. So if you wanna learn how to take a business online, if you wanna learn how to get more customers and sales and, and leads and recruits, you know, and eventually, eventually how to automate your business and then grab that link above. Um, and, um, it will help you get started on the right path. I hope you got value from today. I will see you all again soon. Cheers. Bye-bye.


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