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The Game-Changing Impact of AI and How it is Redefining Social Media for Network Marketers

Kat Krasilnikov

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For so many people right now, the question is what is going to happen to social media now that artificial intelligence is available?

The concept of AI is like an extension of the robot-filled fantasies we had as children, thanks to shows like The Jetsons.

But unlike in the cartoons, AI today is not just about flying around in spaceships or having a robot maid.

We are at a somewhat worrying tipping point, where we're starting to delegate parts of our lives and businesses to AI, exploring its potential to ease our load.

So how can we use it to help build our businesses online?

AI in Content Creation

One of the key tasks that can be offloaded to AI is content creation.

Many people struggle to come up with content ideas, let alone write and record them.

AI and chatbots can solve this problem by generating content suggestions within seconds, easing the process for content creators.

The brilliance of AI lies in its ability to learn and adapt.

If the generated content doesn’t match your style, it can be tweaked to better suit your voice.

AI is conversational and can go back and forth to improve the initial output, providing higher quality content over time.

The scope of AI isn't limited to text.

It can also generate images and even deep fake videos.

With advancements in this field, it's getting harder to tell real from fake content.

This can be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs, but it also carries a risk.

In the wrong hands, AI can be used to create misleading or outright fake information.

Protecting ourselves from such misuse will become an increasing concern as we advance further down the road of AI.

AI: Tool for Good and Bad

As with any technology, the fear of the unknown is normal.

Historically, we've been terrified of every new invention, be it cars or the internet.

Over time, we've integrated these technologies into our daily lives, and AI could well be the next in line.

As entrepreneurs, it's important to leverage AI for a competitive advantage, while maintaining a degree of skepticism and ensuring the content produced is sensible and valuable.

We should never forget that while AI can greatly enhance our skills and save us time, it will never replace human intelligence.

In order to use AI effectively, you need a solid understanding of the tasks you're automating.

Also, common sense and skepticism are invaluable when encountering content that might be AI-generated, particularly if it seems too good to be true.

The Future of AI in Entrepreneurship and Social Media

At Beach Boss Influencers, we're exploring the potential of AI, testing it to identify what works and what doesn't.

We're aiming to incorporate it into our own processes, as well as our tools and applications, to help our students use AI in creating their content.

This is an exciting journey, and as the field of AI grows, we hope to grow alongside it, leveraging its capabilities to the fullest.

While there may be concerns and uncertainties surrounding AI, the potential it offers in our increasingly digital world is vast.

As with any tool, the key is to use it wisely, ensuring it serves our needs without compromising our values or sense of self.

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Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

. All right. Looks like we are live and we have here today for you guys, me, Ken ov and Chris Burrows. We are founders of Beach Boss Influencers. This is an online community for network marketers and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to grow their businesses on social media. The way that you don’t have to chase people don’t have to be a salesy weirdo because we teach you how to grow your network, how to build influence over that network, and how to promote whatever is that you need to promote without being a salesy weirdo. And today, I got for you guys here, uh, our tech wizard , Chris Burrows, and without him BBAs influencers will be, well, not will be where it is right now because he is wizard when it comes to technology. And we gonna pick his brain today on artificial intelligence because so many people right now have a question, why is it gonna happen to social media now that artificial intelligence is available and people make fake posts or whatever you call it. So Chris, first of all, tell us a little bit like what is this artificial intelligence is how it looks like, and you know, what you can do with it?

Okay, so the, the way, the way I describe it is that as kids, we all grew up watching movies, you know, where, where they had robots that did things for them, um, cartoons like the Jetsons, where, you know, they flew around in SP ships and they had the, the robot maid doing everything. Um, and we sort of, we we’re just about to reach that, not quite that stage, but we’ll get into that stage where, where things can, can cannot, can speak for themselves and do things for us. And we’re at that, that tipping point. Um, maybe a little bit of a worrying tipping point, you know, where we’re, we’re handing over bits of, of what we do to this artificial intelligence. And we’re, we’re starting to, to learn how to use it to, to further our businesses and to take some of the strain off ourselves.

And we’re at that as, like I say, that, that tipping point where we can start to have debates whether this is a good thing, whether it’s a bad thing, whether this is gonna be, um, pure evil, um, and the world’s gonna be taken over by robots, but it, it’s, it’s an exciting under worrying time both together. But I think for, for us as, as marketers and entrepreneurs, this is a great time where we can offload some of the tasks that we, uh, that maybe takes a while for us to do or that we don’t particularly like doing. So what those, those tasks, what are those tasks that can be offloaded to artificial and challenge? Give us some examples.

Yeah, so the, the classic example is things like creating content, you know, so people, lots of people find it really difficult to come up with ideas for content. Um, nevermind actually moving on to recording videos and, and actually writing content. So using AI and using chat bots, you can go in there, you can tell those, uh, those bots what you are looking for, and it can, it can within, within a couple of seconds churn out a a list of suggestions for you to then go away and start to write content for, you know, and not just to come up with the, the topics. But if we then feed those back in and, and give these, these bots lots of information, it can churn out a full, uh, blog post or a full script for a video, um, that you can then just, just slightly fine tune to, to be your voice.

So basically you can tell it, Hey, make me a post about three tips of social media marketing, and it’s gonna come up with even several versions of a post. Wow. Yeah. And what about if it sounds, if it sounds not like you, what about that?
So what, what we’re gotta remember here is that we’re, it’s probably not gonna be perfect the first time we feed it in. So if it’s not right, don’t run with what has come out the first time you, these, these bots are, are almost conversational. So we can go back and forth and we can improve on what it first churn out. So if it, if it churn something out that is not what you wanted, maybe the the turns wrong, you wanted a little bit of, uh, laughter and comedy in there, we can feed that back in and we can ask it to regenerate it in a more comedic way, you know? So don’t settle for what comes out first, keep feeding in, and the more we put in the, the better we get back out again.

So it can learn your language, I mean, not your language, it’s probably speaks all the languages, but how it can learn your way of speaking or writing, right? And create posts similar to your voice. That’s amazing, . Yeah,
It, it, it’s amazing and it’s slightly scary at the same time because it, it, it is starting to imitate us and getting very, very good at very, very quickly. But yeah, the, the, the more we feed in the, the better quality of stuff we get back out again.

So does it only create texts or it can create something else?

No, so a AI is exploring at the moment, and we’re seeing it creating text, which is the easy one. We’re seeing lots of AI images popping up. We’re starting to see, um, AI or deep fake videos popping up. Um, I watched a video earlier of Mark Zuckerberg and I’m not quite sure whether it was real or not. Um, so I need to go ahead and look into that. We’re, we’re getting to that stage where we, we can’t, we can’t necessarily trust what we’re seeing is, is the actual, um, is is the real thing. But to us as entrepreneurs, that can be a hugely powerful tool.

So what do you think if someone gets a hold of this tool and start creating fake, I don’t know, videos or fake information, right? Yeah. Like, you couldn’t tell if it was a real Mark Zuckerberg or AI video. What if someone has, you know, malicious intentions and wanna send a message from, let’s say you, and this is not you, , so what are some of the ways that, you know, we can either protect ourselves or there is a way to protect ourselves? Or what’s, what is it all about ?

Yeah, so, um, I, I think you’re right. It’s, it this has the potential to be used for good and, and for bad. So, um, at, at the moment, we’re not quite at that stage. So there, there will be tells if you watch a video, and of course the, the easiest way to cr is to crosscheck information that you read on the internet or view on the internet anywhere. If it’s not popping up from multiple sources, it’s, it’s probably not true and not real. But yeah, as we, as we go further down this AI road, it’s gonna get harder and harder to, um, to know what is real and, and what’s not. So we, we’ve just gotta always ask ourselves that question, you know, is it too good to be true? Is somebody offering me something that, you know, seems like a, a completely unreal dream?

Um, it probably is. You know, if somebody’s offering you a, um, a quick fix or a quick, uh, a quick money making tip, it, it probably isn’t real. You know, we, we’ve just got to remain realistic about that. On the other side of that, you know, there is a, there are services starting to flourish now where they can, they can take your image, you can feed them a script, and it will churn out a video of you reading that script. And you’ve never actually done this. You’ve just given it the information and all of a sudden you’ve got your marketing video or your, your piece of value for your course. You know, we’ll get into that, that really exciting time saving phase.

Yeah, I can see, you know, the pros and cons and can save you. A lot of times it’s an incredible tool, but at the same time it can create a lot of mess. So I see a lot of people asking, like, now on social media, what should we expect? Should we be afraid of it or should we be exploring it? Or should we stay away from it? , what would you suggest to someone who just, you know, getting their feet wet on social media, building their content, and, you know, they wanna know what to expect in the future from artificial intelligence? Should they get it or should they stay away?

Yeah, so the, the first thing I’ll point out is that every time, uh, as a human race, whenever we come up with a new technology, we’re absolutely terrified of it. So if you look at when, uh, when cars were first starting to emerge, people were absolutely terrified. This was witchcraft, you know, and we’re, we’re almost at that stage with AI as well, you know, where it’s very easy to be, you know, to be terrified of this and what might go wrong. Cars didn’t really go wrong, you know, and, and are now a staple of where we are. Same with the internet, you know, absolute horror stories at the very beginning of what it could become. And now it’s this wonderful thing that we all, uh, rely on, um, for, for good or bad. So AI is definitely something as, as entrepreneurs that we want, we do want to be jumping in, there’s no doubt about that.

We, we want to be in there early because we want that competitive advantage over, uh, um, of everybody else in a, in a very crowded marketplace. What we do have to remember is to, is to sense check everything and, and to proofread everything that it churn out. So we, we don’t want to be generating blog posts and then going straight, straight away and posting them onto our websites. We need to make sure that we, we take the time, uh, bearing in mind we’ve probably saved an hour. We can take two or three minutes to read through what it’s produced, make those tweaks necessary to make sure it’s your voice and to make sure it makes sense, you know, before we move on to the next step. So that, so that people, one thing that you’ve done the work yourself and you’ve written it, two, to get the value because it, it makes sense. Um, and three, so we don’t sound like complete idiots putting rubbish content out there.

Yeah. And I also can add that, uh, this is, are the tools and they’re never gonna replace human intelligence, although it seems like they’re more intelligent than humans, but uh, nothing’s gonna replace human intelligence because it’s very unique, right? And it’s like superior over any technology. And also if you created content, right, with the help of ai, I, in order for you to know whether it’s good or bad content, you have to have some knowledge, right? before judging, uh, if it’s a good or bad. So you need to have the skill yourself, right, in order to use the technology. If you don’t have the skill and you think that, uh, AI is gonna do all the work for you, you’re probably gonna post a lot of crap . Absolutely. And it’s not gonna do any good for you. So you need to have the skill, but this tool can save your time and ha can also enhance your skills.

So instead of you writing all, because it can take enough 10, 15 minutes, you just give that tool a task and it will do it for you, let’s say in three seconds instead of 30 minutes. So that’s the advantage. And I think it’s still amazing that we have tools like this. And I also will suggest where we will not be afraid to use them, not be afraid to explore them, but use your own judgment and common sense. If you see content that’s like too good to be true or coming from a person but from a weird account, right? That don’t do not match. So be aware that this tool can be in hands of malicious people who don’t have good intentions and like everything else is out there, there’s a lot of spammers and scammers and they will use whatever they can to grab your attention, right? And take your money away. So, but learn how, if it doesn’t feel right, right? If it doesn’t feel, if it feels too good to be true, just don’t , don’t use that information. That’s it. So as simple as that. So what are some of the, does Beach Boss influencers offer any? Um, I think we, we were discussing to offer something to our students or if, is it still in the project or we actually can offer something already to our students.

Um, so we’re working on a couple of things around AI because we, we, we sort of recognize at the moment there is a huge thirst for this sort of information. Um, and we’re also a little bit aware that because there’s a thirst of information, that there’s other people pumping out stuff that isn’t, isn’t overly useful. Um, so there’s two strands of this. We’re working on something so that we can get value out to people, to, to help them use it in their own businesses. We are building it into our own, um, processes in the background. So we ourselves are starting to use AI to take away some of those, um, those business tasks that, that take, take a lot of time so that we can focus people on, on serving our students. Um, and then we’re building it into our own tools, um, like our Beach Boss, uh, systems, um, applications so that our students can use, um, can use AI bots to build content for their emails, to build content for their, their funnels and their websites. So we’re, we’re building in as many time saving, um, elements as we can.

Yeah. So we’re basically testing it as we speak, right? And see what’s working, what’s not working, what’s the best for our audience, our followers. And once it’s ready, we’re gonna start offering to those who are in our seven figure influencer community. They usually get those for free and those who are in our academy community can probably get it for, uh, not very high cost. And if you guys interested to learn more about Beach bo influencer systems, uh, drop comment systems below and someone will reach out with the right information. And I think we kinda like covered what majority of people are, you know, questions that they have right now about artificial intelligence. Do you want to add anything, Chris, before we wrap it up? Yeah, I think we think we’ve covered most things. The only thing I will add is that before coming to speak to you, uh, Kat, today I asked Bard, which is, is Google’s equivalent, um, or Google’s ai, um, at the moment what we should talk about, uh, we’ve covered a lot of the things that, that Bard suggested, which is great. Um, but the, the point Bard made to me at the end is that the further we we go on with this, the more advanced these systems we’ll get. And I think that that sums it up nicely why we want to be in at this level and then we can grow as this, as this industry grows, uh, alongside us.

Yeah, that, that’s all makes sense. And I wanna thank you Chris for taking time and answering all these questions. I’m very new to ai. I know there is um, what is called chat g p t that majority of people are using. Yeah. And if we in incorporate in BBOs and Floris system and is it also gonna be chat G P T or something? Yes, it’ll be chat. So G p T.

So, and as you heard, Google coming up with something similar, right, that you can ask and it will give you answers. So probably there will be several more popping, popping out . But like we said, they all have pros and cons and if you use it with a good intention and you already have the skill that you want to enhance or save yourself time, this is the way to go. Absolutely. So this is it from us today and uh, thank you for hanging out with us. Thank you for watching and listening and we’ll see you next time.

Thanks guys. Bye.


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