March 22

Top Social Media Platforms You Should Be Using As a Network Marketer

Adrian Lindeen

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Are you struggling to find the right people for your business on social media?

We’re going to share with you the top social media platforms you should be using if you are in network marketing.


Deciding Which Platforms to Use

Using social media platforms with a proven strategy can generate daily leads, which turn into new customers and team members.

We have personally tested these ourselves and we’ve come to find that there's a difference between all the platforms, including what their purpose is and how it can relate to your business.

But remember to test these platforms yourself and see what truly works for you and your business. Is it something that can work for your team?

When you jump from platform to platform, it's not super effective for your network marketing business and it can leave you wasting more time with little to no results.

Remember that no matter the platform, it is about getting people to come to you versus going and chasing anybody and everybody.

When you apply influence marketing, it totally changes your business!

And it is amazing to have the right people coming to you!

Using Instagram and TikTok

Instagram and TikTok are similar in the way that they’re not the platforms to build relationships necessarily, but they’re great at building a following of cold prospects.

You can do this pretty quickly on these platforms.

But there are a lot of fake accounts on both, and people can pay money to promote their videos by followers and likes.

This doesn’t work so great when building your network marketing company as it is a relationship business.

You need to work and build a following of real, genuine people.

Instagram tends to show more influencers with filters and all the touch ups to rid their content of imperfections.

But people in the network marketing industry want to see genuine, authentic people.

Instagram and TikTok are great platforms to entertain your audience, show them who you are and give value through your videos, but it's difficult to narrow down your target market.

However, people do buy from strangers without having to warm them up. But it's not super consistent and most people aren't going to join you.

People join people who they know, like and trust. 

Facebook: The Platform for Network Marketers

On Facebook you can grow your network daily by taking cold prospects and moving them into a warm market, which turns them into buyers and people who join your team. And this can be done faster than on the other platforms.

There are more real people, more real accounts, more human to human interaction on Facebook, and that's what it was designed for.

Facebook is still the leading and top platform for network marketers on social media.

Network marketing is a relationship business, and Facebook was designed to build communities and relationships.

When TikTok came out, Facebook wanted to compete, so they created stories. They gave the ability to comment on someone's story, which sent them to their messenger inbox because Facebook wants to promote more conversations, more relationships, more community building.

If you want to grow your business and rank advance faster, focus on Facebook!

The Key to Using Any Platform Effectively

Focus on showing up every single day.

Despite what platform you're on, it's how consistent are you being and what are you using.

Are you hoping that you can just post a meme or a gif and people are going to come to you?

They won’t!

Post engaging and valuable content consistently!

Video is still king, and it turns your cold market warmer faster.

So, this will create you a daily lead flow when you're consistently moving people through the process and popping sales left and right.

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Adrian Lindeen

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