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Unlock the Secrets of Making Money on Autopilot as a Network Marketer

Kat Krasilnikov

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Wouldn't it be cool to wake up in the morning and see email notifications that you got a new customer or multiple customers or new team members while you were sleeping?

Is that even possible?

We can tell you that it is possible, but it's no magic button.

And to achieve this in your business, you need to focus on creating systems that will help you to do some of this heavy lifting that majority of marketers are doing here on social media manually. 

And nothing wrong with doing it manually.

There are just better ways of automating some parts of this process.

Some softwares and tools can help you build relationships with your prospects and convert them from strangers into customers or team members virtually on autopilot.

So here are our secrets to making money on autopilot as a network marketer so you can go enjoy your life and have more time freedom.


Create Valuable Content for your Prospects

You need to be creating valuable content for your prospect, not for yourself.

It's not about what you want, it's about what they want.

So, put yourself in your prospect's shoes and think about what it is they are looking for?

Think about what information they need to know in order to be more educated about your products or services.

Valuable content can be created in the form of a written post or video.

Live videos are particularly great because not only are you creating content, but you’re also building relationships with those watching!

The Importance of Building Relationships

There are two ways of building relationships as a network marketer.

There's an active way but it's not very automatable.

You have to manually go and connect with people by commenting on their posts, following them, sharing their stuff and showing them love.

And this way is absolutely amazing. But as mentioned, it requires a lot more heavy lifting.

Our favorite way to build relationships is passive way.

For example, by recording a 10-minute video, you can talk to your audience and show them you are human just like they are.

You can show your knowledge and expertise by sharing some tips and information that is valuable to them.

So, it's not only a piece of content, but also a skill of building relationships on autopilot passively.

Short form video also works for this, which includes reels, stories, Tik Toks and everything in between.

Short video is the fastest way to build relationships on autopilot.

Using Social Media to Make Money on Autopilot

The first way to make money on autopilot is your social media profiles.

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Pinterest, your social media profile must be designed for your perfect prospect.

Rather than designing them to simply make sales, make them for your prospects to learn more about what you do, show them how you can serve them, and how they can connect with you to learn more about your products/services.

We have an incredible course inside of our Beach Boss Influencers community that walks students through this step by step, showing what they need to put in place, what they need to remove, what they need to change on their social media profiles for them to be attractive to their perfect prospect.

Your prospects want to look at your profile and think that you are the person they want to learn more about, or you can teach them how to improve certain areas of their life.

You want to attract people not repel them. So make sure your personal profile is set up with an attractor factor, not the repellent factor.

How a Customer Blitz can Help make Money on Autopilot

A Customer Blitz is a redesigned Facebook party.

How many times have you made one of these and no one showed up or people showed up but didn't interact or buy anything?

That's because they don't like to be sold.

They may have joined to support you but they don’t really care much for your products or your parties.

Facebook parties have an annoying reputation now on social media.

So that's why we redesigned this method so it can work more effectively.

We call it a Customer Blitz and a lot of our students are using this method and making money and sales on autopilot.

Making Money on Autopilot using Team Challenges and Funnels

Team challenges are something that help us to recruit hundreds of people virtually on autopilot in a matter of days from start to finish.

It turns people from total strangers to team members.

And that's because it's well-oiled recruiting machine.

Team challenges are more sophisticated and require more skillset, but it's going to pay off if you learn the skillset and put those systems in place.

Funnels are another great way to earn money on autopilot as a network marketer.

They can be very sophisticated with a lot of bells and whistles and require a lot of technical stuff.

But there are also very simple ones that don't require any of those things.

However, if you don't have the right audience then no one will benefit from this funnel.

Or if you don't have the skill set for creating valuable content or building relationships with people, your funnels are not going to work because the only people you going to attract with those funnels are shiny object seekers or magic button seekers.

People join people because of the relationships, because they see something in another person, like a leader with authority.

They want to see a person that can help them, a person that cares about them.

And this takes time and skillset.

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Kat Krasilnikov

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Kat is a mother of 3, a former postal clerk, originally from Russia. She loves inspiring women by sharing her journey and giving them the tools and strategies they need to succeed without sacrificing their families in the process.

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