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How to Identify and Create Opportunities to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Faster

Kat Krasilnikov

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If you have told yourself that nothing is working, remember there is no such scenario in business and life where nothing is working.

Everything is working all the time. You are just not trained to see the opportunities even in your biggest mistakes.

We’re going to give you practical tips to help you to get into action. And getting into action is the number one way you can get out of that stuck state.

Nothing is going to change if you just sit there and think positive thoughts. You must take action.

So, what's some of the action steps you need to be taking in order to start growing your business a lot faster?


Look For Opportunities To Serve Others

Firstly, if you keep telling yourself nothing is working but you have tried everything your upline is telling you to do, then you are only looking at the results, and so it looks like nothing is working.

So instead of looking for opportunities to sell people or offer your services, look for opportunities to serve people.

Instead of “how can I sell more of my products today?” or “how can I recruit more team members this week?” Just ask yourself, “how can I serve people who are already looking for my products, my opportunity or my services?

And it becomes a lot of easier to create content when you come in from the point of service, not selling and sales. They will come to you without you even trying.

So how can you serve people? Just ask yourself that simple question.

The number one answer that comes to our heads is through your content, it's what those people want to see in their newsfeed.

How can you help them to solve their problems and have an easier life?

In your content you can do it through a written post. You can also do it through a video, whether it's a live video, a reel or shorts. And you can do it directly in Messenger.

And we teach exactly how to do all this stuff to our higher level students, which is Academy and 7 Figure Influencer.

Learn From Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes.

But a lot of us take those mistakes personal and we go into that negative self-talk, telling ourselves we’re not good enough, not lucky enough, not confident enough, or even not camera ready enough.

These mistakes are NOT the opportunity to beat yourself up.

They're actually opportunities to evaluate and grow.

We probably would've quit years ago if we didn't know how to evaluate our actions and our results instead of judging ourselves and wanting to quit.

So your mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow, and it's very important to know how to recognize that.

Look For The Opportunities To Collaborate

Another amazing opportunity that you can create for your business is collaboration.

You don't have to be a fancy influencer. You just have to be willing to invite other people to talk to you.

Think about who you can collaborate with and what this collaboration can do for your business.

First of all, you are exposing yourself to other people's networks.

If it's just a customer that you want to make a video with and they share their amazing testimonials to your audience, they're also going to share it to their audience.

So you’re not only exposing these amazing people to your network, you also get exposure to their networks.

And it's very powerful.

You can collaborate with your past customers and let them share their stories. You can collaborate with your upline and position them as your mentor and have them share some success tips to your audience.

And you are also going to be exposed to their audience.

You can also collaborate with your down line.

Did you help anyone in your down line to create one sale or recruit one team member? How did they do it? What actions did they take and what advice can they give to someone who just getting started or to someone who feels stuck?

You also can collaborate with people who are on the same journey but maybe in a different industry or company.

So you can collaborate with all kinds of people that can contribute to your perfect prospect.

Create Your Own Challenges

Create the opportunity to grow your business with a challenge.

A lot of us wait for our upline to create a challenge to attract more prospects, more customers or team members.

But you actually don't have to wait. You can create your own challenges.

We teach our students how to create amazing challenges that attract your perfect prospects, build relationships and sell whatever that you are selling or recruit even new team members in the matter of just few days.

So create yourself a goal and figure out how to create a challenge for your perfect prospects.

You can also create internal challenges by questioning their limiting beliefs.

Perhaps they're thinking in order to lose weight, they need to exercise a lot. Maybe this belief is keeping them stuck because they don't like exercising.

So you can challenge that belief.

It can be done in a written post, it can be done in the video, it can be done in Messenger.

So not only can you create external challenges where people have to do something, you can also create internal challenges that will plant a seed in their mind that you actually know a better way and you can help them.

Want To Accelerate Your Business?

Look at everything as an opportunity to learn and grow, whether it's your mistakes, whether it's someone else's mistakes.

And we want you to know that there is no such thing as “nothing is working”.

Everything that's happening to you has an opportunity to learn.

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Kat Krasilnikov

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Kat is a mother of 3, a former postal clerk, originally from Russia. She loves inspiring women by sharing her journey and giving them the tools and strategies they need to succeed without sacrificing their families in the process.

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